As can be said with many single estate teas, the growing conditions of the Gopaldhara and Rohini tea gardens are truly unique. The estate was established in 1955 on the slopes of Mirik Valley, making it the second highest garden in Darjeeling, between 5500 – 7000ft elevation.

The Rohini tea garden is perhaps one of the youngest in Darjeeling, and yet that hasn’t stopped the Saria family from producing harvests throughout the year.

The teas we have sourced from this estate are of exceptional quality and have been a firm favourite of our founder Tom. The teas produced in the second flush produce a fine muscatel flavour, which is unique to Darjeeling grown teas.

Many of the plants on this estate planted from 1996 onwards have not yet reached maturity, but once attained will help to boost the Saria families ability to produce more fine tea all year round.

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