Tested Using:



2 minutes

400ml of filtered water


The first flush of 2019 grown on the Gopaldhara estate and picked through February and March.  It was grown at an average elevation of 6500ft. It is graded at FTGOP1 (Finest Tippy Golden Flowery Orange Pekoe 1). The whole leaves are hand rolled and mildly oxidised post rolling, a very delicate processing method. 

The aroma of the leaves is light and fresh and they are medium to dark green coloured, with some browns here and there. Fine and curled. After infusion the leaves are medium green and broad.   

A pleasingly golden coloured tea, characteristic of high quality Darjeeling teas. The flavour is soft and medium bodied with dry floral notes at eighty degrees. The tea has no bitterness or harshness and tastes clean even as it begins to cool. The overall flavour is round and mildly umami (A Japanese term for pleasant savoury taste). 


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