Jethi Kupi 2019 First Flush Darjeeling

Tested Using:



3 minutes

400ml of filtered water

A white Darjeeling Grown on the Rohini tea estate and picked just after the winter season ends in February. It was grown at an average elevation of 2000ft. It is graded at FTGFOP1 (Finest Tippy Golden Flowery Orange Pekoe 1). Rohini Jethi Kupi is one of the first and only white first flush Darjeeling teas produced. This unique tea is very slow to grow and only a small amount can be picked, it must be sorted almost completely by hand due to it delicacy. During the prolonged winter the bushes remain inactive which is one of the reasons why the tea has such a defined flavour. A minimal oxidisation process is used.

The aroma of the tea is bright, sweet and mildly vegetal. The leaves are fresh and vibrant, ranging from almost white to dark green. The leaves are particularly varied in appearance and stand out when compared to other white teas. After infusion the leaves are a soft medium green and expand into flat, clearly defined whole leaves .   


The tea is a very pale and clear green. The flavour is light bodied, clean and refreshing. It has notes of stone fruit and muscatel. The defining quality of Rohini Jethi Kupi is the pleasant and slight vegetal quality, which adds a depth of flavour quite uncommon to find in white teas and unheard of in Darjeeling teas. The tea only improves in flavour as it cools. Overall a unique and exceptionally high quality tea.  


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