Xuwola Green Assam

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Mr Rebo, Koliapani Village

Varietal: Wild assamica tea trees
Season: May, 2020
Region: Assam
Country: India


Xuwola Green Assam is produced as part of the second flush harvest of teas by Mr Rebo and his family in Koliapani village in Assam, India.

The story of this tea starts in the small village of Koliapani in Assam, where Mr Rebo and his family own their tea plantation. Mr Rebo originally planted his garden in the 90’s, using wild Assamica tea plants that he rescued from an old abandoned tea garden in North-Eastern India. While he has been growing his tea plants since then, he has only started sell commercially since 2015.

What he has produced is an absolutely outstanding second flush green tea, unlike anything else that we have tasted from Assam. Expect a bright profile with notes of wildflower and fruitiness. It is devoid fo the astringency and bitter flavour profiles often found in other Assam green teas.

Mr Rebo's garden is farmed entirely organically and the tea is produced to organic standards. However due to their small scale, organic certification is far out of their reach. No artificial fertiliser or pesticides are used in the production of this tea.

It is produced entirely by hand as part of a limited batch each year. We source this tea through a specialist wholesaler who offers knowledge, financial support and machinery to small scale farmers such as Mr Rebo. We’re delighted to add this to our collection.





Water Volume:




Brew Time:

2-3 mins 
Infusions: 1





Water Volume:




Brew Time:

1 mins 
Infusions: 3

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