This tea is the result of much labour by Kolkata's finest tea blenders. It comprises of a variety of 17 Indian Assams, the amounts of which are adjusted throughout the year to keep the flavour consistent and to ensure no seasonal changes in the quality. Using a BOP (broken orange pekoe) grade leaf ensures quality, flavour and a fast infusion are all achieved.

The teas found in this blend are from Upper Assam, which is located in the North-Eastern part of the region. Assam teas benefit from not only the rich red loom soil and the wet humid climate, but also from having some of the finest clonal tea plants that were first developed in the gardens during British rule. As a result of these elements, the teas produced are high in tannins, with a bold and malty flavour.

This tea can be served with or without milk. This blend is produced using a fine leaf tea to provide a faster infusion.