Estate Tea Co is an independent tea merchants, specialising in single estate, small batch and fine quality loose leaf teas. We were founded out of a love for discovering rare and exciting teas.

Our collection of teas will change throughout the year as certain teas come in and out of season. This gives us exciting opportunities to showcase new micro-lots and smaller batches that would otherwise not make their way into the UK.

Our approach to tea sourcing is through either direct trade or direct traceability - and always through ethical channels.

Where we can, we will buy our teas direct from the garden. However due to the extensive range of teas we offer, it is impossible to source 100% of our teas direct from gardens. So when we can't offer direct trade, we offer direct traceability through ethical channels. Read more about our sourcing here.
 Our teas are purchased from key tea growing regions around the world, including India, Japan, China, Sri Lana and Taiwan. Each region has their own unique culture when it comes to growing and processing their tea - and it is our responsibility to connect these people with the end drinkers.
When it comes to our teas, we meticulously research, taste, review and taste some more. It's all about ensuring quality with every batch of tea we purchase. If a tea doesn't truly excite us, then we're not willing to put our name to it.