This isn’t your usual wholesale. We want to help tell the story of our teas, so you in turn can tell your customers. The people, places and story behind each tea are just as important as knowing how to brew them.
It’s all about a personal service. We really appreciate working with customers who have a true interest in our teas – so pick up the phone anytime for any requests, help, or information on our rarer teas.
We will work with you to create a bespoke range of high quality teas, tailored specifically for your customer base. The selection we offer on our retail website is just a very small selection of some of the exceptional teas we provide.
You could have the cheapest tea bags, or the most luxurious loose leaf tea. If you don’t know how to brew it correctly, then you’re not using it to it’s full potential.
Similarly to coffee, many teas require the nuances of correct brewing techniques to extract the best flavour.
We will teach you the necessary techniques for brewing each individual tea in your range correctly, and also give you information on the cultural elements of tea service. Our customers are always welcome at our teahouse for training sessions, or these can be delivered on site at your own premises. This service is always included free of charge for our regular wholesale customers.
If your customers are already enjoying our tea in your venue, why not give them the opportunity to take it home with them?
All of our wholesale teas are also available in retail packs. These vary in size from 25g to 75g tea caddys. Our retail products are manufactured in the UK, recyclable and reusable and are the perfect option for building your retail offering and visual merchandising. We are able to supply high volumes of retail tea at an appealing margin to yourselves. Please get in touch to request our current tea lists for retail.
Supplying the tea is just one side of the story. We stock a range of high quality tea brewing equipment to ensure you’re getting the most out of your tea.
Loose leaf tea may have a reputation for being fussy and more complicated, however we can work with you to develop a streamlined service style with our range of products.
Our brewing equipment ranges from traditional teapots to high end glass infusers and we also supply traditional service items, such as Gong Fu Bamboo Tea Trays. We also have takeaway loose leaf tea options available.