We work within an industry that is notorious for its use of unsustainable packaging. While convenient, most supermarket teabags are commonly made of nylon, sealed with a plastic based glue, then packaged in outer boxes.
While loose leaf tea negates some of these issues, we have gone to great lengths to ensure that our packaging is not feeding into this problem.

Aluminium Tea Caddies

Manufactured in the UK
Because they are manufactured in the UK, they have a much smaller carbon footprint than if they were being shipped halfway across the world.
Our caddies feature a screwtop lid - which means you can use it again and again for storing your tea leaves. The seal on the lid is air tight, which means freshness won't be compromised. Our caddies also have a food safe lining, to ensure the tea leaves do not react to the metal of the caddy.
When the caddy has come to the end of its useable life, it can be easily recycled. Aluminium can be reprocessed and reformed endlessly, and the metal loses none of its mechanical properties during the recycling process. The end result: people have been recycling aluminium for nearly 100 years - and an incredible 75% of the original metal first made is still in use today.

Cellulose Inner Pouches

Originally, the inner pouches which we sealed our tea in were made from polypropylene plastic. These pouches will take thousands of years to degrade down into micro-plastics.
We have now switched to cellulose pouches - and while these are more expensive than the polypropylene ones, they are far superior. In fact, when you are done with the inner pouch in your tea caddy, just pop it in your compost bin and it will biodegrade in just 12 weeks!
You can read more about our cellulose pouches here.