Since our teas are so utterly unique and distinct from one another, each tea has its own specific set of brewing instructions to follow in order to get the best possible extraction of flavour.
On the back of each of our tea tins, you’ll find the exact brewing instructions for each individual tea. However, we’d always suggest experimenting with your tea; using different quantities, water temperatures and steeping times to find what suits your personal taste.
Use the below table as a reference point on how to brew each tea by its style / type. Please note that these are westernised brewing styles and NOT Gongfu Cha.
Black tea Blended black 3g 100 3-5

Chinese black tea

3g 95 2-3
Ceylon 3g 100 3-5
Assam 3g 100 3-5
Darjeeling 1st Flush 3g 80 2-3
Darjeeling 2nd Flush 3g 95 2-3
Puerh tea Young raw puerh 3g 85-90 2-3
Aged raw puerh 4g 95 2-3
Ripe puerh 4g 95 2-3
Oolong tea Heavy roast oolong 3g 95 2-3
Light roast oolong 3g 85-90 2-3
Green oolong 3g 80 2-3
Green tea Chinese green 3g 70-80 2-3
Japanese sencha 4g 70-80 1-2
Hojicha 5g 90 1
White tea Chinese white 2g 65-70 2-3
Infusions Peppermint etc. 2g 100 2-5